MyTurn Sofa
Minimalist style combined with unprecedented comfort
Product Description
MyTurn SOFA is the latest collection of armchairs and sofas; the result of the work of a British designer, Paul Brooks. The MyTurn SOFA family is characterised by its minimalist style combined with unprecedented comfort, achieved through the use of independent seat and backrest cushions filled with foam of carefully selected parameters. The precise upholstering based around high-quality leather, combined with wonderfully matched and chromed elements, help ensure the seats remain utterly exclusive. The collection consists of an armchair, a sofa available in two sizes, and tables. It is a perfect solution for CEOs and senior managers, as well as for use in other locations important for business, such as reception areas, lobbies and hallways.
Technical specs
  • Technical Data

    Product Description

    10H - armchair, legs
    10V - armchair, cantilever
    20H - 2-seat sofa, legs
    20V - 2-seat sofa, cantilever
    30H - 3-seat sofa, legs
    30V - 3-seat sofa, cantilever


    - black (powder coated)
    - metallic (powder coated)
    - shiny chrome (chrome)
    - satin chrome (chrome)

    Frame versions:
    Version on four legs – H 
    - square profile 20 x 20 mm
    - wall thickness 2mm
    - legs’ height: 140 mm

    Version on cantilever – V
    - flat bar, dimensions 40 x 10 mm
    - cantilever’s height: 140 mm


    - standard 
         - version H - hard glides (for soft floors)
         - version V - felt glides
    - option
         - version H - felt glides (for hard floors)


    Cut foam - density 35 kg/m3.


    Cut foam - density 35 kg/m3.


    Inner wooden frame with rubber strips.

    Net Weight

    10H - 35,0 kg
    10V - 40,5 kg
    20H - 54,0 kg
    20V - 55,0 kg
    30H - 67,5 kg
    30V - 68,5 kg

    Gross Weight

    10H - 40,0 kg
    10V - 45,5 kg
    20H - 60,5 kg
    20V - 61,5 kg
    30H - 76,0 kg
    30V - 77,0 kg

    Additional Information

    Cushions with filling:
    - 300 x 300 mm
    - 400 x 400 mm