MyTurn Visitor
The highest level of elegance and style
Product Description
Precise leather upholstery finish together with aluminium components gives MyTurn Visitor a feel of premium class products. This new swivel chair is a perfect choice for CEO office in a company while the visitor chairs are ideal for high-standard boardrooms. Distinctive aluminium armrest are ideally harmonised with the backrest and the intuitive and simple ‘Rocker’ mechanism significantly improves seating comfort during long meetings. The collection consists of: executive swivel chair with a high or low backrest visitor swivel chair with a high or low backrest visitor cantilever chair
Technical specs
  • Technical Data

    Product Description

    21V - cantilever, low backrest, armrests (stackable version)
    21VN - cantilever, low backrest, armrests (non-stackable version)
    10F - conference, swivel, high backrest, 4-star base
    10FZ - conference, swivel, high backrest, Rocker mechanism, 4-star base
    20F - conference, swivel, low backrest, 4-star base
    20FZ - conference, swivel, low backrest, Rocker mechanism, 4-star base   


    Version 10FZ/20FZ 
    Z - Rocker mechanism - it’s a mechanism that enables tilting the shell back and forward, the front tilt eliminates pressure on the back of thighs whilst working at the desk; the mechanism locks in one position only when tilting back; at an angle of -/+12°, the chair tilts forward at 3°


    Version 10F/10FZ/20F/20FZ    
    Four-star aluminium base:
     - chrome (polished aluminium)


    Version V/VN
    Metal tube with cross section fi 25 mm.
    - shiny chrome (chrome)
    - satin chrome (chrome)


    - PU - aluminium armrest , polyurethane armpad (only in swivel versions)
    - FO - fully upholstered, always upholstered in the same fabric as backrest and seat (only in swivel versions)
    - O - aluminium armrest, upholstered armpad:
         - models with leather upholstery - armpad upholstered with the same colour
         - models with fabric or Softline upholstery - black leather on the pad



    - standard - hard glides (for soft floors)
    - option - felt glides (for hard floors)
    - option - teflon glides (universal)


    Version V/VN
    Metal frame; cold molded foam - density 65 kg/m3

    Version 10F/10FZ/20F/20FZ  
    Metal frame; cold molded foam - density 80 kg/m3.


    Version V/VN
    Flexible; metal frame; cold molded foam - density 90 kg/m3.

    Version 10F/10FZ/20F/20FZ  
    Metal inside frame equipped with wave springs; cold molded foam:
    - high backrest - density 75 kg/m3
    - low backrest - density 80 kg/m3

    Net Weight

    21V / 21VN - 12,5 kg
    10F/10FZ - 22,0 kg
    20F/20FZ - 21,0 kg

    Gross Weight

    21V / 21VN - 16,5 kg
    10F/10FZ - 28,0 kg
    20F/20FZ - 26,0 kg


    2 pcs. (only V version)