Sensi Visitor
High functionality and visual appeal
Product Description
Sensi is a conference chair with a refined original design. The frame structure is made of high quality materials, with great attention to detail. Frames are available in three colours: chromium, black or metallic. Legs are provided with flexible plastic pads. The seat and backrest make up a uniform bucket structure made of beech plywood: varnished or covered with modified veneer. The colours of modified veneers have been selected in accordance with the newest trends. Venge, Zebrano and Birch are an excellent choice for arranging interiors in an original style. Armrests are optional accessories and come in varnished plywood or modified veneer versions to match the bucket seat. Chairs structure is designed to make stacking them easier (up to 5 chairs), what gives additional storage possibilities. Chairs can also be joined into rows – using visually attractive metal connecting elements slid from under the seat. Thanks to their high functionality, chairs can be arranged into virtually any combination, while a modern colour range gives them a stylish original appearance. The Sensi chair collection is complemented by stackable tables available in three sizes. This guarantees a great variety of possible office space arrangements. Nationwide Finalist of Good Design Competition 2010 for the best designed products and services on the Polish market.
Technical specs
  • Technical Data

    Product Description

    K1H - four legs, plywood shell
    K1H 2P - four legs, plywood shell four legs, plywood shell with armrests
    K2H - four legs, plywood shell, seat upholstered pad
    K2H 2P - four legs, plywood shell, seat upholstered pad, with armrests 
    K3H - four legs, plywood shell, seat and backrest upholstered pads
    K3H 2P - four legs, plywood shell, seat and backrest upholstered pads, with armrests 
    K4H - four legs, fully upholstered
    K4H 2P - four legs, fully upholstered, with armrests


    Metal tube with cross section fi 20 mm.
    - black (powder coated)
    - metallic (powder coated)
    - shiny chrome (chrome)
    - satin chrome (chrome)


    Integral part of frame, plywood.


    - standard - hard glides (for soft floors)
    - option - felt glides (for hard floors)
    - option - teflon glides (universal)


    Made of beech plywood; cut foam - density 35 kg/m3 (upholstered versions).

    Net Weight

    K1H – 6,0 kg
    K1H 2P, K2H – 7,0 kg
    K2H 2P, K3H, K4H - 8,0 kg
    K3H 2P, K4H 2P - 9,0 kg

    Gross Weight

    K1H – 10,0 kg
    K1H 2P, K2H – 11,0 kg
    K2H 2P, K3H, K4H - 12,0 kg
    K3H 2P, K4H 2P - 13,0 kg


    5 pcs.


    Joining in rows.