Xenon Visitor
The solution chair
Product Description
Xenon is the latest collection of swivel chairs, designed for Profim by ITO Design, a German design group. The XENON family was created to meet the needs of demanding customers who attach particular importance to ergonomic solutions, while still requiring the greatest attention to be paid to the design and the aesthetics. Xenon is an essential type of chair from Profim, which means that it is equipped with all the necessary mechanisms and adjustment options which you would expect, with the guarantee of full ergonomics at a reasonable price. This updated chair design boasts unique, unprecedented functions, such as innovative lumbar support and armrests with pads that can be adjusted in any horizontal direction. Xenon visitor version – complement this product line. This chair offers a few variants of the frames and has a frame allowing for stacking, which makes the storage easier. The collection features chairs with both low and high backrests, available in different finishes with several upholstery types in over 130 colours.
Technical specs
  • Technical Data

    Product Description

    20H - conference chair, four legs
    20H 2P - conference chair, four legs, with armrests
    20V -  conference chair, cantilever
    20V 2P - conference chair, cantilever, with armrests
    20VN -  conference chair, cantilever
    20VN 2P - conference chair, cantilever, with armrests


    Metal tube with cross section fi 22 mm.
    - black (powder coated)
    - metallic (powder coated)
    - shiny chrome (chrome)
    - satin chrome (chrome)


    polypropylene pad


    - standard - hard glides (for soft floors)
    - option - felt glides (for hard floors)
    - option - teflon glides (universal)


    Black plastic cover; deciduous plywood; cold molded foam - density 85 kg/m3.


     - plastic
     - upholstered - cut foam - density 35 kg/m3

    Net Weight

    20H - 9,5 kg
    20H 2P - 10,0 kg
    20V/20VN - 12,0 kg
    20VN/20VN 2P - 12,5 kg

    Gross Weight

    20H - 13,5 kg
    20H 2P - 14,0 kg
    20V/20VN - 16,0 kg
    20VN/20VN 2P - 16,5 kg


    H/ H 2P - 4 szt. 
    V/ V 2P - 4 szt.


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