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Technical specifications
  • Technical Data
  • Technical Data

    Product Description

    10R - swivel armchair, round base
    10F - swivel armchair, 4-leg base
    10V - conference armchair, wireframe


    Version R - metal, round base.
    - metallic (powder coated) 
    - shiny chrome (chrome)

    Version 10F - 4-arm aluminium base.
    - chrome (polished aluminum)

    Version 10V - Metal wire with cross section fi 16 mm.
    - black (powder coated)
    - metallic (powder coated)
    - chrome 
    - satin chrome

    Gas Lift

    Gas lift with memory (versions 10R/10F).
    Gas-lift column – metallic (version 10R) / chrome (versions 10R/10F).

    Castors / Glides

    Glides in Sorriso 10V:
    - standard - hard glides (for soft floors)
    - option - felt glides (for hard floors) 
    - option - teflon glides (universal)

    Version 10R:
    - option - felt pads (for hard floors)

    Version 10F - castors/glides:
    - standard - decorative castors
    - option 
        - decorative hard glides (for soft floors) 
        - felt glides (for hard floors)


    Seat (cushion): cold molded foam - density 85 kg/m3.
    Shell: metal frame; cold molded foam - density 80 kg/m3.
    Possibility of mixing colours of the same fabric on shell and seat cushion.

    Net Weight

    10R - 25,5 kg
    10F - 13,0 kg
    10V - 13,5 kg

    Gross Weight

    10R - 30,5 kg
    10F - 18,0 kg
    10V - 17,5 kg

    Additional Information

    Cushions with filling:
    - 300 x 300 mm
    - 400 x 400 mm

Design resources
Product Description
Sorriso means ‘smile’ in Italian. Distinguishing features of Sorriso armchair include elegant, oval shaped shell seat and distinct, precise stitching. The model perfectly suits the interiors of office rooms, receptions and homes. It is suitable for open spaces, halls of public buildings, cafes or private apartments. Interesting form of the chair can be additionally enhanced by selecting different colors of shell and cushion upholstery and also choosing from four base variants: metal wire frame, round plate or four-legged.
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