45 Church Street
A prestigious, welcoming and homely place to work, supporting flexible working initiatives and collaboration.
Birmingham, UK
designed by
Stonehouse Projects

For this new Birmingham location, Stonehouse Projects, utlized their workplace design and build expertise to provide a welcoming and homely place to work, as well as supporting flexible working initiatives and collaboration. The grand entrance, complete with soft seating and bold lighting, creates and impactful first impression and welcomes clients and employees alike and sets the tone for the rest of the space. Following the naturally flow through the space, the reception leads onto the client meeting space. Designed to facilitate effective meetings and provide an excellent experience, the space features superior breakout areas and a range of meeting spaces.

We were pleased to provide our Railway Carriage booths to this design. Creating relaxed and private meeting spaces in the client area, the Railway Carriages provide the perfect amount of acoustic and visual privacy. Three upholstered sides create a sound-proof cocoon, whilst the open side creates a more informal and open environment. Built into a wooden alcove, the Railway Carriages create a high-end, bespoke feel whilst still retaining the benefits of a modular product; being relocatable and therefore adaptable to ever-changing workspace requirements.