Providing an optimum experience to both client and employees alike, this new space provides reflects Beazley's brand and provides the answer to their personal storage needs
New York
designed by
Verderame | Cale Architecture



Based in the iconic Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, the stunning New York HQ for Beazley was designed and built by Verderame Cale architecture and gives spectacular views of the city below. As one of the leading global insurance professionals, Beazley are often welcoming their clients to their offices, and need their workspace to reflect the Beazley brand and culture right from the outset.






In the reception area, soft furnishings and warm wood tones create a welcoming and homely aura. Beazley also wanted to be able to offer their clients a place to store their personal belongings whilst on-site, but without the need to distribute keys (and the inevitable lost and broken ones) or need to give out cards. Working with the workplace strategy team at Beazley and OFI we were pleased to provide a fully-customized bank of our HotLocker product, in a soft grey elm wood finish, to match the design aesthetic of the reception zone. Complete with an electronic lock, this removes the admin of manual locks, and provide a better experience for clients during their time in the space. Not only does the provision of a locker enhance the client experience at Beazley but we also installed two charging stations in each locker to allow visitors to charge their laptop and a phone, if needed whilst on campus!

Whilst providing a premium experience for their clients, Beazley also made sure to give their own employees the same benefits. The need for these lockers was clearly different with employees often needing a locker all-day, not just a few hours, and often needing to store more items, than a shorter client visit. Knowledge of how the staff used their locker led to the inclusion of a vent, coat hook and rail, to make the lockers an even more useful provision for all the staff. To give maximum choice, we worked with Beazley to provide a range of sizes of lockers; square, rectangular as well as z-lockers, allowing employees to pick the locker that best suited their needs that day, and assign it to themselves.





Reflecting the well-established Beazley branding, we faced the lockers in a grey gloss laminate and highlighted the edging in their signature pink, creating an extension of their brand throughout the workspace. With multiple different banks of lockers, the number graphics on the locker doors mean that at a glance, users can tell whether this is their bank of lockers, and then help them quickly locate their own locker.

Providing an optimum experience, this new space provides both Beazley's employees and clients with the answer to their personal storage needs. We have since been pleased to partner with Beazley in both their Toronto and London locations.