Futures Housing Group
Designed to encourage employees to become 'agile workers', Futures Housing Group's attractive new space will act as a prototype for their new planned offices.
Ripley, Derbyshire
designed by
Blueprint Interiors

Future Housings Group have recently worked with Blueprint Interiors to transform part of their current office into a 'test' space for their team to trial agile working.

Given that the firm's teams had recently expanded into work hubs out in the field, the previous office space had become impractical. So the new agile test area is part of a cultural change programme, designed to encourage employees to become 'agile workers', rather than 'fixed office residents'.

We were pleased to provide Futures Housing Group with some of our Railway Carriage and Residence Work pods to facilitate collaborative and private working, as well a run of our Hotlockers for personal storage, and a Recycle & Printer Point.

The finished space allows staff to meet visitors, to work in teams and also to carry out quiet, uninterrupted working. This comfortable, attractive and agile space will act as a prototype for Futures' new planned office.