HB Reavis
International workspace provider, HB Reavis have recently moved into their new UK headquarters in London. A bright, plant filled space overlooking the River Thames.
London, UK
designed by
Evolution Design
built by
The Furniture Practice

As an international workspace provider, HB Reavis knows who to call to put together a great office. As such, we were delighted that when they moved into their new UK headquarters at 33 Central, in the City of London, they included a lot of our products in their design. Working with the Swiss architecture studio Evolution Design, and the dealer The Furniture Practice, Spacestor installed our Residence and Railway Carriage working pods, our Palisades Grid and Palisades Wood zone dividers.

The building’s large windows provide a great view of the River Thames and lots of natural light, and our Palisades systems help to divide up the space while keeping it airy, light and plant-filled. Furthermore, our working pods help provide a range of quiet areas, focus booths and phone boxes that give employees an appropriate space for every task. In fact, HB Reavis is so happy with their new office that it also acts as a showcase space for their brand.