Investment Company
Seamless integration of bespoke storage and lockers created to match existing design and fit architectural recesses.
Holborn, UK
designed by

Seamless integration of storage and lockers, finished to match exactly with other joinery and storagewall, and manufactured to fit purpose-built architectural recesses. Modus completed the fit-out of 2 floors at 33 Holbron for Octopus Investments. The new home, designed by leading architect and interior designers Penson, is central to Octopus’ growth strategy – a company already managing funds of 5 billion.

A bespoke, high-quality locker system had been originally designed into the office scheme but with budgets squeezed and deadlines approaching the client was faced with a compromise in spec down to regular steel lockers. Spacestor were approached with the challenge. Always keen to relook at things differently for our clients we designed a locker system by adapting our HotLocker free-standing product. By matching doors sizes, plinths and shadow gaps to match the Spacestor storagewall we produced a visually consistent, built-in look, perfectly scribing into the pre-formed openings on site. In addition the laminate construction allowed finishes to match in exactly.

The result? – a combined storagewall and locker solution, seamlessly integrated into Penson’s outstanding architecture and delivered on time and within budget.