With enviable views, a bright and on-brand design, the new Baltimore offices of the digital marketing agency, Jellyfish, provide a superior workplace experience.
Baltimore, Maryland
designed by
Workplace Creations


More than just a digital marketing agency, Jellyfish are a global company with multiple locations throughout the world, and thousands of employees. With their unique digital abilities, they partner with clients all over the globe to create "perfect digital journeys". For their new location, in Baltimore Maryland, they wanted to create a workplace experience that truly reflected their brand values and culture, as well as facilitating their employees to produce their best work. Having provided many of our solutions to their London office, Jellyfish knew they wanted to continue the theme in the US.

Working with the creatives at Workplace Creations, KGO and Jefferson Group, we provided several different products to the design. Six of our Railway Carriages and Portals are built-in to the side of the central walkway, providing convenient collaboration spots close to the workstations. Over against a traditional meeting room, the Railway Carriages are a much more efficient use of space, as well as providing the benefit of finish customization in the upholstery and cladding, whilst still giving the needed functionality of screens, power, lighting and charging.

With a beautifully open-plan design, some zoning was critical to not only create different neighbourhoods and working areas within the space, but to provide areas with more visual and acoustic privacy. The floor-to-ceiling glass windows providing stunning views of the river and the city skyline beyond and allow natural daylight to flood the space. Using our Palisades Grid as the zone divider, they were able to ensure that this light still filtered through the space, and the zones could be created without any area feeling unnecessarily cut off from the rest. The plywood alcoves and shelves providing a warm, biophilic feel as well as creating display opportunities, and the cupboards below provide much needed storage for the workplace.

Throughout the workspace, hundreds of our personal storage HotLockers provide employees with a convenient place to store their belongings and a secure solution should they need to leave items onsite overnight or whilst they are at another location. With a unique pattern of varying coloured doors, and the digital combination locks ensure the lockers blend in with the aesthetics of the overall design scheme.