Kantar TNS
Global market research and information group accomodates diverse working practices in its new workspace
London, UK
designed by
Peldon Rose
built by
Peldon Rose

As one of the largest research agencies worldwide, providing valuable insights to an ever-growing roster of clients, Kantar TNS’s offices need to be flexible enough to accommodate diverse working practices. For the company’s British headquarters in London, workplace thinkers and makers Peldon Rose wanted to make a fluid space that would encourage staff to work wherever they wish. To achieve this, they came up with a system featuring four of our most popular products: Railway Carriage meeting pods, Snugglestor seating, HotLocker and Storagewall.

It was important to create a variety of multi-purpose spaces, so Railway Carriages were installed as places to collaborate and be creative, and Snugglestor seating was built into Storagewalls and racks of HotLockers as places to concentrate and relax. As Peldon Rose’s designers explain:
“Merging soft seating, snuggle booths and smaller focus booths within the main office space and the locker areas helps to break the bounds of a traditional office and allow for an entirely usable space.”

Both the Railway Carriages and the Snugglestor booths were upholstered in matching light greens and fuchsias that created attractive focal points, and brought to mind an English country garden – perfectly in keeping with the use of trees, plants, and pebbledash-effect carpeting throughout.

Not only does Peldon Rose’s design create an open, positive flow, it also makes highly efficient use of the space. For instance, Storagewalls and HotLockers are used to divide the office into different neighbourhoods, and also to provide large amounts of storage space, while Railway Carriages and Snugglestors are used to encourage staff to use the entirety of the office. By making all of these changes, Kantar TNS saved 12,000 square feet in office space – equivalent to approximately £468,000 in rent per annum.

Even more importantly, the company continues to grow, and employees are flourishing in their new environment.

We are delighted to have worked with Kantar TNS on these fluid, agile offices in which they can develop powerful insights for their clients.

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