Leading Financial Services Client
Jacobs have recently collaborated with a leading financial services client to design their new workspace in Texas. A stunning space providing a variety of comfortable working areas to suit many different working styles.
Westlake, TX
designed by


We’re delighted to have installed five of our bestselling products lines—Residence Work, Railway Carriage, Snugglestor, Palisades Grid and HotLocker—in the Texas headquarters of a leading financial services client. Working with leading design firm Jacobs, who created the design for this Westlake destination, these offices feature a range of workspace settings, providing a home for the employees who work here. 

The design firm Jacobs created an open office with a welcoming café feel, and we were pleased to have so many of our products featured prominently. One walkway is lined with Snugglestor seating and two-person Railway Carriage meeting pods, providing a variety of comfortable spaces for impromptu meetings and sit-downs. The large central space features a standalone four-person Railway Carriage and a one-person Residence Work soundproofed booth as focal points. Meanwhile, our Palisades Grid system is used as a zone divider, while our HotLockers offer storage for employees moving around this forward-thinking, hybrid workplace.

To create the perfect lockers for the associates who worked at this specific office, we collaborated closely with the design team at Jacobs to come up with a solution that exactly suited the employees' needs. Firstly, the specific dimensions were based on their personas of the staff that worked there, leading to the inclusion of an 8" base, so no one had to bend down too low to reach their locker, as well as a capped height of around 60", creating a more equitable experience for all. 

Using an agile-based, push-button lock, means staff can simply walk up to a locker and assign it to themselves, supporting the company's agile and hybrid based working. With a quick glance, users can see via the lock’s button position, if a locker is free or in-use. Finished in a polished birch ply, the lockers and integrated alcoves, reflect the natural and warm tones of the design schematic throughout the space. Finally, the lockers have been manufactured to allow for the company's own facilities team to move the banks of lockers with ease, enabling future flexibility to be built into the space.