The industrial vibes of LiveRamp's latest workplace creates the perfect environment for creative collaboration between the tech-savvy employees
San Francisco, California
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LiveRamp is a leading data connectivity platform that enables companies and their partners to better connect, control, and activate data to transform their customer experiences.


With 950 employees across 16 different locations, LiveRamp is headquartered in the technology hub of San Francisco, and provides awesome employee experience with their cutting-edge workspaces.

To create their latest office, LiveRamp asked CoDesign, a creative design and construction team, to help them realise their dream, new workplace. The new space provides multiple opportunities for creative collisions and fosters the innovate spirit of the tech-savvy employees of LiveRamp. The designers seized the chance to transform not just the physical environment, but the very way in which the LiveRamp staff worked.

Open plan workstations, accessible meeting areas positioned around a collaborative casual lounge, and a vibrant café where we were pleased to supply our Bleacher seating, forms the perfect new home for the LiveRamp employees. Bleachers are perfect for bridging the gap between a meeting room and an auditorium-style space. With their great flexibility, employees can instantly create the desired environment for any interaction, making a personal, informal space that will foster a flow of inspiration and new ideas.