Private equity firm Livingbridge have recently moved into their new offices in London. A stunning space designed around the concept of "connectivity."
designed by
IOR Group

In the dramatic East London setting of 100 Wood Street, a stunning office building designed by Norman Foster, private equity firm Livingbridge have given themselves an equally stunning office. Dreamt up by office designers IOR around the concept of “Connectivity”, it’s a glossy, expensive-looking and very contemporary office space with a big wow factor. There’s a high-impact reception, a breakout area with a balcony and an open-plan, agile approach throughout.

“ The bright, cohesive and engaging environment has made a huge difference to how we work together as a team, more than we ever anticipated, and has contributed a vast amount to improving the "feel" of the office. Everyone has been really positive and we all look forward to coming to work in such a vibrant space. ”
Luke Bray, Investment Team
“ I knew it was going to be good but I didn't realise it would be this impressive. ”
Jeremy Dennison, Livingbridge Legal Counsel

We were pleased to work with IOR Group on this project to provide the two-tone grey, open-top Railway Carriages, the Sorted Storagewall in white and our HotLocker Forte system. In the words of Livingbridge legal counsel Jeremy Dennison, “I knew it was going to be good but I didn’t realise it would be this impressive.”

"Overall having such a fresh, new, modern office sets a very positive working environment for all. It's a place where you want to spend your time." says Sammy Daniels from the Marketing Team at Livingbridge.