Masterfully blending technology and nature, the new Soho location provides a unique space for the employees of OakNorth
Soho, London
designed by
Tétris Design x Build

As a global fintech focussing on solving the problem of business lending globally, OakNorth are constantly in touch with bold and ambitious businesses seeking investment. Seeing rapid internal growth, they partnered with Tétris Design x Build for the creation of their new space in London's Soho, a location designed to attract and retain the best talent. Throughout the space technology and nature are seamlessly blended, taking inspiration from the 'Oak' in their brand and the breakthrough character of their technology. From expanses of timber and swathes of green to biophilia, the space is a living representation of the brand. 

At the heart of the workspace, an open-plan social space invites employees to gather and collaborate. Luxe breakout seating, personal lockers, barstools and breakout spaces and a pool table draw employees to socialise in this space. Tying in with the biophilic look and feel of the space, our HotLocker product has been designed to not only provide staff with essential personal storage space, but reflect the sleek, on-brand design of the new space.

Throughout the floorplate, a variety of other working environments boost productivity and collaboration, whilst fun feature elements such as treadmill desks and a skateboard feature wall remind employees of the playful side of the OakNorth brand. Providing not only an amenity-filled workspace, this location echoes its firms' status as a disruptor in their field.