A bold and on-brand new HQ for leading Bungalow provider, RoyaleLife
Whiteley, Hampshire
designed by
Spectrum Workplace



RoyaleLife are the UK's largest bungalow provider and are also one of the fastest growing in the market. With the continued growth of the business as well as the number of employees, it became clear that their HQ in Whiteley, Hampshire was in need of a complete refurbishment. Key to this new space was going to be its ability to attract top talent as well as providing space for executive presentation and luxurious client areas. 

RoyaleLife turned to Spectrum Workplace, workspace designers who are passionate about delivering the best environments, to dream, design and carry their new HQ through to completion. To provide for the needs of all the employees that work there, as well as the plethora of activities that take place each day in their Headquarters, Spectrum designed a range of space setting to accommodate these needs. From breakout spaces, to bench desking, private meeting rooms, gyms, receptions and executive areas, the RoyaleLife brand is reflected in the color, graphics and texture choices at every point. Providing a warm biophilic touch to the design, we were pleased to provide our Palisades Wood to the hub of this new space.

Palisades Wood provides modular and customizable zone division and storage. With the base units in RoyaleLife's signature blue, they provide additional storage as well as complimenting the warm tones of the wood above. Integrating a large TV unit into the wood allows it to become a display unit and create a duality of purpose to the surrounding space. Built on the classic open shelving look, Palisades Wood also provides RoyaleLife with a further arena in which to display accessories and decorations illustrative of the RoyaleLife brand.

Photography Credit ©: Robyn Liebenberg