Composed between originality and restraint, an organisation living by their values - providing an inclusive experience for all.
designed by
Walls to Workstations


RSA has helped to give individuals and families peace of mind through protective insurance for over 305 years. With this as their mission, the organization partnered with Walls 2 Workstations, and working with Altu Architects, designed a desirable and talent attracting workspace for their employees. A policy of inclusion and a forward-thinking view on staff care means RSA have developed a corporate culture of togetherness, and a workspace compatible with this. 

The statement colors are integrated, establishing a corporate feel, with monochromic greys to balance control with creativity. Two-tone Booths enhance this focused blend to establish an optimum environment for productivity. The Railway Carriages create a complete condition for efficient, impromptu meetings and the Portals - a dependable, composed space for distraction-less activity. 

The biophilic design, pops of luscious green and the authenticity of varnished wood, doubling as space-division is effective and drives to the fore the firm’s concentration on wellbeing and employee prosperity. This is inherently loud but not deafening, undeniably present but not overpowering – a true showcase and extension of brand experience.