Spring Discovery
Providing Spring Discovery with key collaboration and meeting spaces in their new workplace through our customized Railway Carriages
San Carlos, California
designed by
Kelly Robinson


Spring Discovery have built a machine learning platform to accelerate the discovery of therapies and their advancement into the clinic, combining assay and drug development with a novel computational approach to tackle one of the world's most important problems: battling aging and its diseases. Headquartered in San Carlos, California, their team is a mix of scientists, engineers and drug developers who are constantly pioneering to create solutions that increase healthy lifespan and dramatically reduce disease. 

Turning to well-known workplace designer, Kelly Robinson, Spring Discovery wanted to create an environment that provided the right mix of personal and collaborative spaces, in order to allow their employees to produce their best work. Working with leading Californian furniture dealer Pferred, three of our Railway Carriage booths provide collaboration hotspots in this new design. With our workspaces increasingly becoming spaces for collaboration, learning and socialising, so the need for meeting spaces grows

The Railway Carriage has been developed to meet this exact need. Acting both as an ideas hub for collaboration as well as a relaxed, focus space for concentration, this meeting booth is fully modular, available in over 300 million combinations with its varying styles, huge range of finishes options and accessories. In Spring Discovery's new design, they chose our six person variation, in three different bright upholstery finishes, that reflected the brand colours, injecting a fun and on-brand vibrancy into the space. Complete with power, table and lighting, these pods provide the ultimate, informal meeting or breakout space.