Providing an inspiring and adaptable workspace for the UK's oldest military charity with the Railway Carriage.
designed by
C2 Strategy
built by
Genesys Office Furniture Ltd

Working with Genesys Office Furniture Ltd, we recently fitted two of our Railway Carriage workpods in the office of SSAFA – a military charity, finding the two perfect shades of grey from our huge swatch books, which would complement both each other and the current office colour scheme.

“ Thank you. All went well with the install and the Railway Carriages are being used as we speak, which is great! ”
Robert McGregor, Genesys Office Furniture Ltd

This resulted in a stylish workspace that looked as though it had been there all along, but still made a statement. Soft, comfortable seating, along with power points and ambient lighting made it the ideal space for some reflective thought, or for focused meetings. It was put to good use straight away!

SSAFA is the UK’s oldest military charity and helps individuals and their families who serve or have ever served in the forces. Providing a range of services from advice on finances, family life and life as a civilian to housing those injured in the line of duty, they support 50,000 people every single year.

We’re proud to have made our own mark in the SSAFA office by providing an inspiring and adaptable workspace for many years to come.

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