Exuding an atmosphere of free-spirited fun, passion, and cheerfulness.
Kansas, USA
designed by
Perspective Architecture + Design



As the provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services, T-Mobile boasts the largest nationwide 5G network in the US. Located in Overland Park, their new HQ2 is made up of multiple buildings, each putting magenta at the forefront of its design. Working with Perspective, they have created a futuristic yet residential-like design, with each building reflecting the companies’ urbanized vibes, becoming a 3D representation of the T-Mobile brand.

To some, the colour magenta may hark back to the early 2000s, a period full of bright and acidic colours. But for T-Mobile, it exudes an atmosphere of free-spirited fun, passion, and cheerfulness - everything their brand is. The blend of softer greys, striking white architectural details and the highlighted glow of pink, fuse into a subtly elegant, modern aesthetic. Bold graphics and dimensional details create a dynamic flow for a dynamic company.

Spacestor’s HotLockers, in white, are an extension of the brand, and give personal belongings a home. Natural ply detailing brings warmth, touches of green, and geometric patterns add a vibrancy and compliment the environment. Breakout spaces, focused booths and sites for impromptu meetings are dotted throughout the space and ensure a flow which lends itself specifically to a flexible working model.