The Mercers' Company
Leading livery company, The Mercers' Company, have recently extended their Covent Garden portfolio. An impressive expansion with a focus on collaboration and providing the all-important human connection that forms the foundation of our workplaces.
Covent Garden, London
designed by

Mercers is a livery company focused on being a philanthropic force for good, and as they themselves say "We have a rich history dating back over 700 years with philanthropy as the common thread between our past, present and future." Their Covent Garden property portfolio consists of a series of four blocks, totalling over five acres and is comprised of a retail, restaurant, office, and residential elements. Designed by STOiCA, one of London's fastest growing design and build firms, we were pleased to work with them to supply our Palisades Grid to this beautiful design. 

From research, it is clear that the key elements of workplace culture that are most often missed by those not in the office, are collaboration and human interaction. These findings have been carefully woven into the design of this space. Careful placing of modular furniture has created multi-functional environments that provide the right mix of private and shared space. Using our Palisades Grid, they have zoned off the breakout area to give it a feeling of seclusion and a distinct separation from neighbouring spaces.



 The design theme based around black steel frames and the warm wood tones, is seen as a recurring motif throughout the space, and is further enhanced by the Palisades Grid. Not only the grid itself, but the accessories have been chosen to compliment and make a powerful design statement. Photography credits: Justinas Vosylius