's first UK flagship office in the heart of Edinburgh; a playful, exciting workspace designed to attract and retain the best talent.;
Edinburgh, UK
designed by
HK Surveying & Design
built by
Scotwood Interiors

When leading online travel agency hired property consultancy HK Surveying & Design for their first UK flagship office in the heart of Edinburgh, their brief was to dream up a playful, exciting workplace that would help attract and retain the best talent. The result? A completely unique design including such unusual features as propellers on the walls, rafts of plants hanging from the ceilings and an intergalactic-themed meeting room. As the project’s lead designer Jordan McCaffery explains, “With the war for talent becoming increasingly challenging, office design plays a crucial role in gaining a competitive advantage.”

McCaffery’s designs were built by Scotwood Interiors and furniture experts at Bureau. Jim Scott, managing director of Scotwood Interiors, describes how, “From breakout areas, to the meeting and training rooms, to the open-plan space, every room and area is different.” Here at Spacestor, we were pleased to supply some of the key architecture making such variety possible: a warm Palisades Grid zone divider filled with hanging halogen lights and plants, a wood-finish Storagewall run with a light green, recessed Snugglestor seating area, and two pairs of Railway Carriage meeting pods with pitched roofs; perfect places in which to plan the future of travel.