NYCxDESIGN Days: Return to the Workplace Experiential Tour
We’re super excited to welcome you to our Flagship Design Centre during Design days! This award-winning space is a destination in itself, providing a deeply enriching experience to its visitors - one we can’t wait to share with you as you consider your return to the workplace. Make your booking below and we’ll be in touch with details!

Our Flagship New York Design Centre on Park Avenue, designed by Gensler, debuted to a select few in March 2020 and has been seen by few since.  As part of Design Days, we’re (safely) opening our doors again to welcome architects, designers and workspace strategists to come and experience a microcosm of an experiential workplace and discuss return to office strategies.  Our view on physical workplaces has changed over the last year – we now know where its value really lies and this space embodies everything employees expect in a productive post-covid workplace.  Embracing the concept of ‘discovering the unexpected’, the space encourages collaborative experimentation, and provides a sense of discovery through multiple layers of meaning, delivering a highly immersive experience for users of the space.  We hope it will provide an inspiration to designers in the unlimited capabilities of workplace furniture solutions when used in unconventional ways; from flexible, architectural zoning to collaborative areas to high-focus individual spaces. We can’t wait to share it with you – make your booking here!