100% Design 2015

The 100% Design show over again for another year in the spectacular new venue: Olympia London. Another success story for Spacestor; greeting our existing contacts and meeting many great new ones too. Under the cavernous Victorian arches of the Olympia Grand Exhibition Hall, the stunning architecture and natural light fully complimented the current urban vintage look. Spacestor's market-place theme was extremely popular with many observing 'this is the best stand at the show!'. This, coupled with the artisan feel, gave our stand just the personality we wanted: a less corporate feel, bringing the outside in. The show successfully saw the major launch of our new brand, along with new products - desking, lockers and storage, but all with our same fundamental modular approach to Make It Easy. Our new ZEE bench desk was the focus of much attention, expertly demonstrating the blending of nature and design, offering today's sought after balance between work and home. Many commented on how Spacestor's Railway Carriage created a quiet island effect in the centre of the busy hub of the show; the result of innovative solutions designed to maximise productivity for specific tasks in specific environments. Missed the show? Click here to contact us and we will bring it to you. Or watch the video here…

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