First Glimpse of The New Pitched Roof Railway Carriage

Due to popular demand, we are launching a new version of the ever-popular Railw ay Carriage , and we can now offer it with a brand new pitched roof. Never compromising on style, our new design has a sturdy plywood roof with beautifully mitred corners.The Railway Carriage is a smart and intimate standalone pod with all mod cons. With integrated seating, lighting, power points and connectivity it’s the perfect way to embrace agile working in the office. Whether it’s used as a place for small, focused meetings or quiet, reflective thought, it offers an inviting and comfortable space to inspire and encourage the free flow of ideas. Keeping it totally up-to-date, we’ve made space for plenty of hi-tech options - power points, screens, Bluetooth speakers and even the option for a touch-screen room-booking system. As with all of our products, this pod can be customised with our huge range of finishes and materials to integrate seamlessly with the rest of the office. From simple touches like branded colours to fully bespoke graphics, you can really let your company’s personality shine through. Installation couldn’t be easier – we manufacture here in the UK to your custom specs, then deliver and assemble on site. Need to move it? That’s not a problem, it can be easily relocated when you fancy a change or move to a new office. Combining style, technology and a cosy atmosphere, the Railway Carriage is just the ticket to give your staff a better way of working. It’s constantly in development, so look out for more new features soon! If you want to find out more, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to get in touch.

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