Clerkenwell, We're Back...
Experience a mindful space at showroom no. 82. Keeping it real, keeping it personal and keeping it alive.

A little way up Farringdon Road the door of Spacestor’s A Mindful Space stands open, and throughout the Clerkenwell district a day and a half’s worth of visitors continue their exploration (or return to their busy lives). That is, a day and a half’s worth of exploring, weeks’ worth of inspiration and recall, months’ worth of influence.

At CDW this year, we are particularly excited to present ‘the Palisades room’ where our recently launched Palisades II range takes centre stage, incorporating shelving and media storage, housing our Zee collaboration table and featuring on-trend arch detailing that softly introduces architectural interest and blends effortlessly with the natural roam of the eye. 

Moreover, ever observant, we have detected the appeal of a softer, more sophisticated finish style and developed our luxe Palisades version in response. This is now on display in our showroom with accessories in warm beige, olive green and deep burgundy - hues exuding warmth and serenity. So far its rich understated aura has been very well received.

Discover also our Miniatures Lab where our experts are unpicking frustrations around space division with the aid of inhouse 3D printed miniatures of our furniture range. Engage in discussion around the creative and flexible division of space and how to best give people the autonomy to reconfigure spaces to suit them as workplace needs change. Be sure too, to pick up a copy of our latest white paper - Architecture within Architecture - for up to date trend observation and analysis on the topic.

Alongside the new version of our Railway Carriage and Residences range, there are two new seating products from our Polish partners Profim on display - the Ellie Pro swivel chair for hospitality and co-working spaces and the Chic barstool. Concept products Coleman bookcase and Vista zone divider remain - the former, a solid oak modular shelving system, and the latter, a crittal style pivot screen.

Visitors are being drawn into our enlargement of authenticity this CDW. Larger societal worries like fake news and the expansion of virtual environments are provoking a huge desire for reality and trustworthiness in the workplace right now. For us at Spacestor this is all about return to the familiar, timelessness, the beauty in imperfection and simplicity. We are exploring this in A Mindful Space by harmonising textures throughout the space: the brass of our new luxe Palisades version, the waxed plywood of our Residences, the roughness of handmade ceramic and stone accessories, heavy linen drapes, plush velvet upholstery and thick woollen rugs. And of course, plenty of plants and natural light.

The explosion of co-working and also the increasing domestic-workplace overlap this year has stimulated our exploration of individuality in the workspace. People are desiring a place of their own to work in; our mindful space seeks to connect with each personality that crosses the threshold and to present the breadth and customizability of our range.

Finally, we have built this CDW around a passionate awareness of sustainability. For us, A Mindful Space is about keeping it real, keeping it personal and keeping it alive.