Our Continuing Sustainability Journey With Declare

In an age where environmental consciousness is more vital than ever, we are proud to announce a significant stride in our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly design. Building on our dedication to creating workspaces that not only inspire but also care for the planet, we're thrilled to introduce our two newest Declare labels for Residence Work and Residence Meet, in addition to the ones we have already on eight of our flagship products: Palisades GridVerandasRailway CarriageResidence ConnectResidence MaxPortalsAeonica and HotLocker. This move embodies our continuous endeavour to push forward with design innovation in a sustainable way.

The Power of Declare Labels:

Declare labels, available for download under the documents section of each of our product's resources tab, serve to be transparent and accountable about the materials that each are made of. In a world that demands responsible sourcing, these labels offer detail of all ingredients meaning you can have peace of mind when purchasing any of these products and ensure you can make informed choices to uphold sustainable priorities in projects you are working on.

Beyond Sustainability: The WELL Building Standard Connection:

The significance of Declare Labels goes further as each product is "LBC Red List Approved." This distinction means that these products meet the stringent standards outlined in the International WELL Building Standard v1 Feature 26 for Enhanced Material Safety and WELL v2 Feature X13 Enhanced Material Precaution. These features prioritize not just aesthetics, but the health and safety of those who inhabit these spaces.

Additionally, our products contribute towards WELL v2 standard: Feature X14 Material Transparency. This emphasizes transparency within supply chains and ingredients, empowering decision-makers to select products that align with sustainable objectives and foster healthier environments.

The Path Ahead for Spacestor:

Going into the future we are working on enhancing transparency even further, by providing embodied carbon figures for our core products. Spacestor have also committed to reaching Net Zero by 2040 – 10 years ahead of global goals. We’ve taken the time to thoroughly research our impact on the environment and consequently publish a timeline of science-based targets.

Indeed, the future will be challenging, but also uniquely rewarding to know that the small actions we make now, are contributing to a larger aim – to prevent the transition of the climate crisis into the climate catastrophe. Combatting global warming and reducing greenhouse gases can only be done by working together, as an industry and as a community, energetically driving reduction in emissions and the recovery of our planet.