Spacestor Collaborates with DePaul International for Homelessness Relief Initiative
“Get a Room, Give a Room” Program Provides Accommodations for Every Verandas Configuration Purchased

LONDON, UK — September 24, 2021 — Spacestor,designer and manufacturer of workplace furniture solutions, is proud to announce their ongoing partnership with DePaul International. With the recent launch of Verandas, a modular meeting room system for the workplace of the future, Spacestor has pledged to provide accommodations for one homeless person in need for every configuration purchased.

DePaul International works in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul—an approach focused on responding to need through action and innovation. As an organization, they are committed to ending homelessness and improving the lives of those affected by it. This resonates with Spacestor’s core beliefs because improving lives has always been at the center of their values. When you buy a Verandas configuration, you’ll be directly contributing to improving the lives of homeless people in your region.

“Facilitating and enriching people’s working lives is at the core of Spacestor’s brand and as a global company, we feel that we can expand on this by enriching the lives of others.” says Nick Stedman, VP Marketing at Spacestor. “This is why we have partnered up with DePaul to tackle homelessness. When you select Verandas not only are you choosing a sustainable, design-led solution, but you’re investing in a greater future for all,” noted Stedman.

Honing in on their honest commitment to comprehensively improving the future of modern living, Spacestor is engaged in the fight against homelessness. The partnership expands the influence of Verandas far beyond the workplace. It is more than just a meeting space solution, but a way of giving back to the world around us while simultaneously enhancing workspaces. Because of the charity's global reach, clients of the company are able to directly contribute towards the effort against housing insecurity in their local communities.

Reinforcing their core philosophy of improving lives through innovation with respect for all people, Spacestor is thrilled to be on this journey with DePaul and looks forward to seeing the positive impacts each time a client chooses Verandas.

About Spacestor

Spacestor is a designer and manufacturer of workspace furniture that seamlessly combines California cool and London design. With a legacy spanning three decades, Spacestor first  established themselves as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the United Kingdom, then brought that expertise to the United States over ten years ago. Today, the company holds offices in London, Los Angeles, and New York City—giving them a unique position to observe and learn from the companies that are driving culture change. With their experience working for a variety of clients including Google, Apple and Jaguar Land Rover, Spacestor knows how the workplace environment can drive employee engagement and build culture. Especially in a post-pandemic society that is defined by spontaneity and ever-evolving behaviors, Spacestor is programmed to respond to culture-shifts to better prepare the workforce of tomorrow.