Spacestor Launches Designer’s Toolkit for the New Landscape for Work
Arcadia is a new design language for the workplace, developed in collaboration with Global Architecture Firm Gensler

LONDON, UK — June 7, 2022 — Spacestor,designer and manufacturer of workplace furniture solutions, is proud to launch Arcadia – a kit-of-parts for the new landscape for work developed in collaboration with Gensler Architects.  Fluid, flexible and future-proof, Arcadia takes inspiration from timeless classical architectural forms to provide a new interior landscaping toolkit for the workspace.  Deceptively simple in concept – using just five classic geometric building blocks, each piece is engineered for inter-compatibility, to allow the creation of a vast choice of space-makers – from classic Colonnades to spacious Pantheons, all without building walls.

To Spacestor’s mantra of California cool, Arcadia references the adoption of European landscapes in California in the Arcadian design period.

“The origins of Arcadia stem from the need for future flexibility, as well as a widespread corporate call for softer, more organic shapes in workplaces, offering welcoming and relaxed environments to return to”, says Nic Baxter, Spacestor’s UK Managing Director. “Right from our founding in 1975, we’ve served the needs of today for the users in the workplace, and with the launch of Arcadia, we enter a whole new category of furniture, dividing space in a highly artistic and flexible way, without built partitioning.”

Acting as Product Design Consultant, Gensler’s international design team worked closely with Spacestor, bringing design insights from their studios in London, Paris and the United States, resulting in a truly universal design language.

“In creating Arcadia, we felt it was important to go back to the essence of architecture or classical landscape architecture” says Philippe Pare, Managing Director in Gensler’s Paris Studio and Design Principal on this project. “A timeless kit of parts gives designers greater freedom and flexibility to dial the product up or down, either as a hero product or a quiet backdrop, increasing its versatility. Our ambition is for this product to become something that has longevity – always inspired by the classics, this then becomes an extension of any designer’s toolbox.”

Arcadia recognizes that in a world of constant change, the future workplace needs space settings that are stimulating, refreshing, and highly adaptable. The modular kit-of-parts construction remains true to Spacestor’s philosophy of flexibility and sustainability; the pure geometric shapes and patent-pending quick-release joining system means shapes can be reused and reconfigured many times.

“One of the great benefits of Arcadia is that when you create one space, you create multiple - at the same time”, says James Lawrence, Senior Associate and Co-Project Lead, Gensler. “So you have your prime space and then secondary settings which may create a nook or a cove on the back of the meeting space, helping to drive a different way of designing environments.”

The material palette for Arcadia again references both architecture and classical architecture to cover the widest spectrum possible. Influenced by biophilia, six carefully-chosen shades evoke minerals such as limestone and granite. 

Arcadia has been designed to be fun to use, evoking childhood memories of creating imaginary cities and structures out of elemental forms within construction sets. In the same way, Arcadia offers a sense of play to the workplace designer.  Opening up so many new possibilities, it can equally be used to create freestanding workplace typologies such as privacy nooks, meeting rooms or alcoves, or multiplied in a linear manner to create effective enclosed spaces or visual separations without resorting to shelving that offers little acoustic benefit.

This microarchitecture toolkit affords the opportunity to change or evolve the landscape of work based on user’s needs, manipulating the configuration of the product to either create formal, classical shapes or alternatively spaces that are highly organic, bringing softness to the workplace and ultimately creating a unique feel on every project.


 About Spacestor

Spacestor is the creator of architectural, space-defining furniture that seamlessly blends California cool with London Design. With a legacy spanning three decades, Spacestor first established themselves as a key innovator of workspace furniture and design thinking in the United Kingdom, but today, the company holds offices in London, Manchester, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Chicago and New York City - giving them a unique position to observe and learn from some of the most creative and successful global companies. From their long-term engagements with clients like Google, JP Morgan and Pfizer, Spacestor knows how a sustainable workspace environment drives organizational goals; whether building great team culture in a hybrid world or exciting people to be back in the office again.