Spacestor Supports International Homelessness Charity, Depaul

As a global company, we understand that our impact on the communities throughout the world is significant. Our aims are to consistently support and strengthen the global community and to help create not only an unforgettable work experience but inspire wellbeing inside and out of the workplace.

Spacestor recently launched Verandas, an engineered architectural meeting room system, that is inherently sustainable, infinitely flexible and incorporates massive design choice. The influence of Verandas reaches far beyond the workplace. It’s not just a meeting space solution, it’s a way of giving back to the world around us as well as enhancing workspaces. This is because at the heart of everything we do, is a love for people. Not just for those at work but for all humankind. So as part of Spacestor's Havens programme, for every Verandas room that is purchased, we will accommodate one homeless person through our partnership with Depaul International.

Depaul are committed to ending homelessness and improving the lives of those affected by it. This resonates with Spacestor’s core beliefs because improving lives has always been at the center of our values. Another reason for the choice of Depaul as charity partner is due to their international coverage with global reach. This enables our clients all over the world to directly contribute towards the fight against homelessness in their local community. When you buy a Verandas configuration, you’ll be directly contributing to improving the lives of homeless people in your region.

Depaul now manage over 80 different projects internationally providing shelter, food, medical care, and a place of safety for over 23,500 individuals each year. They provide support through three areas of work:

- Provision of essentials for life - food, water, sanitation, and shelter
- Provision of basic physical and mental health care and support to access specialist services
- Provision of welfare support and advocacy services to enable individuals to move towards independence.

See how Depaul help people by listening to Callum's story below 

DePaul works in the spirit of St Vincent de Paul – a Vincentian approach focused on responding to need through action and innovation. They work inclusively with individuals from all walks of life, in a way that acknowledges the diversity and equality of opportunity for all. Their goal is to ensure that everyone has a place to call home and a chance to build a positive and fulfilling future.

“Facilitating and enriching people’s working lives is at the core of Spacestor’s brand. Furthermore, as a global company, we feel that we can expand on this by enriching the lives of others. This is why we have partnered up with Depaul to tackle homelessness.

We believe that everybody deserves the opportunity for a fulfilling future, this is why when you select Verandas not only are you choosing a sustainable, design-led solution, but you’re investing in a greater future for all” Nick Stedman, VP Marketing at Spacestor.

Spacestor are proud to be on this journey and look forward to seeing the positive impacts each time a client chooses Verandas. This new partnership with Depaul is part of the Spacestor Havens program, which is an initiative set up for continued support towards those that need it.