Spacestor Supports NHS in Production and Supply of Healthcare Furniture
Spacestor is very proud to have been selected to supply healthcare furniture to the UK’s NHS, temporary hospitals.

Spacestor is very proud to have been selected to supply healthcare furniture to the UK’s National Health Service, NHS, temporary hospitals, to enable treatment of thousands of patients each day. Over the next few weeks Spacestor will dedicate parts of it's UK factory to making these products following social-distancing and hygiene protocols.

The NHS Nightingale Hospitals are seven critical care temporary hospitals established by NHS English as part of the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in England.
The NHS Nightingale Hospital London opened first on 3 April 2020. And of 5 May 2020, six of the seven planned hospitals had opened, and by the following month all had been placed on standby. The Harrogate and Exeter hospitals were repurposed as diagnostic clinics in June and July respectively.

Also as a result of the global pandemic, we have dedicated some of our workforce to designing and creating specialist products to contribute to the fight against COVID-19.

So far we have successfully adapted some of our factory to help with furniture for the NHS and now our R&D department have released a special new product - The Temperature Testing Pod.

This pod is the first version of a dedicated booth to support companies as they return to work safely, enabling employee temperature checks as they arrive at factories, retail outlets, warehouses and offices. If you have a current need for either this product or similar special products for these challenging times, please get in touch with us - we'd love to hear from you! Enquire through your Spacestor contact, or alternatively email [email protected]