Why Every Company Needs To Be A Tech

This week Spacestor attended Worktech London to not only exhibit our dynamic workspace furniture but to also give design and workspace professionals a chance to view the product designs and tech features too. We exhibited our Railway Carriage , an innovative and customisable product that allows employees to use the pod as a meeting point and also for focused work too. We also brought our HotLocker product, ideal for large spaces for employees to store their personal belongings in a safe space with an integrated tamper-proof alarm and wired locks for continuous security within the workplace.

Our Vice President of Marketing, Nick Stedman shared his insights at the event during a talk about ‘why every company needs to be a tech’ During the talk, Nick spoke about 3 main subjects when it comes to companies becoming tech.

  • How technology is transforming our world.
  • The significant changes that every company will have to make in a technology driven world
  • Re-defining what having an "office like Google" really means.

Markets across the world have noticed the impact of the advance of technology. To prosper, every company must react to the changes and act like a tech company to deliver a bespoke experience that customers are looking for. Nick then explained how technology has been used to connect providers and consumers in a new way "a more intelligent and efficient way" that at the same time can deliver a unique experience to the consumer while reducing the cost.

Tech giants like Facebook, Google and Linkedin have lead the workspace and tech trends and inspired many companies to improve their workspaces to attract top talent. As we live in a world that is constantly changing, companies need to adapt and evolve to the changes in order to dominate their market and understand the generation they aim to support as Nick explains "The solution to survival and dominance in each of our markets lies in the knowledge, the skills and the thinking of the next generation and our workspaces must be configured to attract, support and retain them" If you want to view our products and the tech features that can help improve your workspace and attract the next generation of talent then keep up to date with all of our event news and follows on LinkedIn , Facebook , and Twitter.

Take a look at our workspace products here , and if you want to find out more information about our dynamic tech products, get in touch with us today.