Declare: Our Commitment to Sustainability
As another step in our sustainable design story, we're very pleased to announce that a number of our products have been issued a Declare label

As part of our commitment to the environment and sustainable design, we're very pleased to announce another important step in our journey. Ten of our key products, Palisades Grid, Verandas, Railway Carriage, Residence Connect, Residence MaxHotLocker, Portals, Residence Meet, Residence Work and Aeonica now have Declare labels!

Available under the Documents section of each of the products resources tab, you can download each Declare label to find out more. Check out Verandas, for example, here.  

The insightful graphic below dives into the detail of what exactly a Declare label shows. With responsible sourcing and ingredient transparency becoming increasingly more important, the Declare label provides the necessary details to give you peace of mind.

WELL Building Standard

In addition to this,  all our products with Declare labels are also "LBC Red List Approved', meaning they have been approved as compliance pathways for the International WELL Building Standard v1 Feature 26 for Enhanced Material Safety and WELL v2 Feature X13 Enhanced Material Precaution. These Features takes a precautionary approach to hazards by emphasizing healthy material selection to minimize risks.

In addition, all active Declare labels contribute to WELL v2 Feature X14 Material Transparency. This Feature prioritizes supply chain and ingredient transparency to offer product specifiers the tools they need to make fully informed choices when selecting healthier products.

What Next for Spacestor?

As a global company, our impact on the environment is significant. We seek to consistently support and strengthen the global community, help create a unique, unforgettable workspace experience and to inspire wellbeing. The journey to creating a better future is never finished, and we're always looking for ways to lessen our impact on the environment. Right now, we're working on further transparency, providing embodied carbon figures for our key products, as well as continuing on our long-term goal of eliminating the use of VOCs, harmful plastics and chemicals in our products. 

We welcome you to join us on this journey, as we create a better, more sustainable, future together.