It's Here! Palisades II Curve & Arch

We are excited to announce the launch of the new curved variations to our highly popular Palisades II range. This addition is a first-time in the industry and brings a fresh dimension to the modern workplace, where design meets functionality, and spaces are not just spaces, but truly extraordinary experiences.

In today's dynamic work environment, organizations understand that the workplace is more than just a space for productivity; it is an opportunity to create an awe-inspiring experience. This New Landscape for Work calls for a softer, more flexible aesthetic that goes beyond the traditional corporate setting. Recognizing this need, we have developed the Palisades II curved variations, providing designers with an elegant solution to redefine space without the limitations of physical walls.

Palisades II is a space-defining solution that expresses architecture within architecture, enabling the creation of distinct areas while maintaining an open and collaborative environment. With the choice between linear and curved variations, designers now have the freedom to curate a multitude of space types, crafting perfect meeting areas, touchdown zones, or central courtyards. This not only creates a primary space but lots of negative spaces offering endless possibilities for customization and helping and allowing organizations to authentically portray their brand story.

As part of our Palisades II range accessories are available which allow great design choice and can be used innovatively to ensure every configuration is unique. Archways, curtains, and biophilic elements introduce soft lines and acoustic protection, promoting a serene and focused atmosphere. Meanwhile, TV alcoves, shelving, and storage options cater to the functional needs of any workspace. The result is a statement architecture that combines aesthetic appeal with practicality.

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Inspired by the timeless designs of mid-century modernist Californian designer Muriel Coleman, Palisades II captures her light and harmonious aesthetic, infusing it into the ever-evolving workspace. The new curved variations embody Coleman's vision of flexible spaces that adapt to the needs of individuals and teams, fostering creativity and collaboration.

With the introduction of the Palisades II curved variations, we continues to pioneer workplace strategies that reflect the evolving needs of modern organizations. By embracing the themes of curves, archways, positive and negative spaces, and biophilia, the Palisades II range offers a flexible and captivating reflecting The New Landscape for Work and enables organizations to thrive in their quest to attract and retain talent.