Workspace of The Week - Uber, Pittsburgh
Uber's Advanced Technologies Group Centre has a cool open plan workspace designed for employees and teams to build and create with ample desk room and large workstations.

This weeks workspace of the week is transportation network company Uber - founded in 2009 in Pittsburgh.

When founders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp were having trouble getting a taxi to where they were staying, they came up with the idea of tapping a button for an instant transport option. Uber’s app is now used worldwide to represent a flexible way to earn money and improve access to transportation with one simple tap of a button.

Uber opened an 'Advanced Technologies Group Centre' in Pittsburgh to research mapping, develop vehicle safety and more, and with all this tech comes a cool and open plan workspace complete with eclectic interior design, tech-enabled rooms for conference meetings and presentations and plenty of soft seating to encourage Uber employees to not only share ideas but enjoy working in different places and away from their desks.

This space has been designed for employees and teams to build and create with the use of ample desk room and large workstations. The extension of the brand is also displayed in the 'Tunnel of the Future' a long white tunnel leading to another collaborative area with laser cut panels and prototypes to represent the evolution of Uber. We love how this workspace proudly displays its history to inspire current and future employees and an open dynamic space that enables staff to take part in a wide range of activities without having to confine themselves to one room.

Take a look at Uber's stylish workspace in Pittsburgh.


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