Workspace of the Week - Accel Offices, London
Classy yet welcoming, the Accel offices in London provide a balanced space of private and open work settings for employees to connect and collaborate.

Venture capital firm Accel, recently employed Haley McLane to design their new offices located in London, England. As a pre-eminent venture firm, Accel wanted a design that was both classy and welcoming. An emphasis was placed on the office being a place where entrepreneurs and investors could collaborate in open or confidential environments. The new workspace also needed to maximise the opportunity for chance encounters amongst colleagues and feel welcoming to guests.

With an anti-office aesthetic, Accel's new offices leverage the use of custom furniture and emerging designers, creating a space unique in design, which steps away from mainstream standards of an office space. Both sophisticated and edgy, the offices provide all the amenities its hard-working staff deserve, from catering facilities for daily lunches, to board rooms filled with top of the line tech, to a fully equipped private gym.

The Partners working at Accel are often on sensitive or highly confidential calls. This created the need for private offices which are both accessible and visible to the rest of the team, but which don't sacrifice privacy. This was achieved by positioning the EA stations within sightline, but not within earshot of the private offices, allowing communication without intrusion.

The Accel team didn't hesitate to push the boundaries on colour and pattern. With plenty of warm "feminine" colours, merged with some hard hitting masculine materials and bold lines, the mix represents the Accel team perfectly!