Workspace of the Week - MATES Coworking Offices, Munich
A workspace for local creatives, the MATES coworking offices in Munich enable entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups to work together as part of a vibrant and well-connected community.

As a coworking space, the Munich-based MATES is a platform for local creatives. Young entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups can work together here: where having desk space means being part of a vibrant and well-connected community

The promise: Not only at a workplace, but to be among friends. In addition to the necessary technical infrastructure and an attractive work environment, MATES offers its coworkers a diverse program of workshops and events. Fixed and flexible desk space, team offices and meeting rooms in different sizes, as well as a good mix of quiet corners and communication zones provide an adaptable work environment. A hybrid of café, conference room and desk spaces with the option of responding to future developments in the field of retail coworking concepts.

The goal is to build a strong professional network. Upon entering, the two open-plan work areas feature a café/bar with booths designed for focused work. Rubberized cork-lined boxes create a visual connection between inside and out, creating a playful situation of seeing and being seen.

Into the futher recesses of the coworking space you will discover team areas and conference rooms. Both larger groups and single individuals can rent these areas for longer time periods.