Workspace of the Week - Unova Coworking Offices, Shenzhen
Companies experience a true sense of space wherever they land in this 94,000 square foot visual masterpiece, with each floor being differentiated by function, tone and style.

X+Living have recently completed the design for the Unova Coworking offices in Shenzhen, China. A coworking space intended to accomodate multiple companies, giving full play to the employees' individuality, and demonstrating that "co-working" no longer is just a synonym for "low-cost."

Artistic aesthetics and interesting visual effects have been integrated into the four-storey space, differentiating the tone and style of each floor based on functions. The first floor serves as a lobby and reception area with two entrances, and an atrium runs through the overall space.

The second floor functions as the dining space. Emphasis was laid on the design of the end area of the corridor. Colourful background walls, combined with interesting dining-related furniture and installations, add visual appeal to the space and allow interaction among people, space and articles.

The 3rd floor is a small workspace, targeted at young groups. A clear spatial layout makes the visual point more focused, facilitating future operation and management. X+living utlized elements of gym equipment in the space to convey the idea of keeping a balance between health and work. The spatial experience is enriched by champagne gold horizontal bars and rings, and chairs designed with diversified forms and shapes to serve several different needs, such as social interaction, leisure, learning or staying alone. Rugs and paintings further enrich this visually attractive space.

The conference room is characterized by a minimalist design, with the projector box as a main design feature. Resting rooms have been decorated with a warm tone, equipped with soft seats and wall cushions.

The 4th floor is a large workspace for mature and elite groups. The overall space of the floor was endowed with a sedate and mature atmosphere by use of wood veneers and greyish-brown concrete coating in a large area. The furniture has been designed in a minimalist style and elements of exercise equipment can be found in the space, reminding people to pay attention to physical health after work.