Workspace of the Week - Solutions Rent Coworking Offices, Warsaw
The Design Group have recently completed the design for Solution Rent's Coworking offices located in Warsaw, Poland. Spacious and bright, filled with historical charm.

Located in the renovated Raczyński tenement house, an architectural gem of Warsaw, Solutions Rent’s new space is an exceptional co-working office which despite reconstruction and the building’s modern character, its long history can still be felt inside.

From the very beginning, the aim of the project was to create an interior which matched the building’s surroundings. Consequently, an eclectic office space was created, elegant in design and stimulating freedom and creativity.

At the core of the design, is a classic and timeless combination of white, black and grey. This has been enriched with bolder colours throughout the space, combined with various fabrics, paintings and carpets. Muntins were added to glazing and doors, and the walls have been finished with stuccoworks, all of which differentiates the offices from other typical co-working spaces.

One of the largest design challenges, was to connect modernity and functionality with the pre-war, elegant block of the tenement house, keeping cohesion between the interior and exterior. The office’s eclectic style successfully combines multiple designs to do this.

Another important element of the design was the furniture. Comfortable and practical, but above all, domestic and elegant. Therefore, the offices embrace a classic style with attention to detail. Sculptures, old photographic albums, mirrors and candle holders promote a cosy interior and a unique character.

The reception area is spacious and bright, filled with elements of gold, marble and biophilia. At the heart of the office is the bar – a place for meetings and breakouts, as well as a more informal working environment. Also incorporated into the office design are comfortable conference halls, telephone booths, office rooms and open spaces for teamwork. These enable everyone to find the perfect place to work in this cosy, domestic workspace.