Workspace of the Week - The K Firm Offices, Tel Aviv
Studio Shiri Kedem and designer Keren Shalev have recently redesigned the K Firm offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. An inspiring space filled with natural light and biophilia.

Located in one of the small alleys overlooking the Carmel Market in Tel Aviv, these offices have a view of the renovated buildings from the White City period. Whereas previously, the entire office was surrounded by air-conditioning units with cupboards reducing the entrance of natural light, the designers wanted to create a spacious and bright space, maximising the architectural detail of the building.

To create a sense of space and lightness defined the design starting point. Incorporating wellness was an important consideration throughout the project, as was the inclusion of biophilia. The design purpose was to create an environment in which the physical conditions enable a natural and good feeling.

All unnecessary elements of the office were removed – all plaster partitions, carpets and flooring, heavy air conditioning and units of carpentry. As a result, the space is now flooded with natural light and on each side of the office, a co-working space has been defined. At the main entrance to the office, a green living wall welcomes visitors.

The main kitchen was designed to fit into the minimalist space and painted white. Integral handles and natural wood are exposed in various angles and lengths and the kitchen is divided by wooden shelves, filled with jars of organic products. The eating counters are made of processed raw wood and to add an element of fun, the traditional counter at the entrance has been replaced by two swings.

The need of space and liberation guided the design line in this project. By breaking away from a traditional office design, the designers were able to create a workspace that is influenced by the original structure, with added touches of biophilia. The new office is adapted to the real needs of the company and allows infinite space in the heart of a dense, urban environment.