Workspace of the Week - DLG Offices, Geneva
All about desire, Digital Luxury Group's new offices located in Geneva, Switzerland reveal a timeless yet elegant interior.

Bloomint Design were recently commissioned to design DLG’s new offices in Geneva, a company providing digital marketing and communication services for luxury brands. Filled with several desirable design features, the space strikes the perfect balance between style and exuberance, making it an attractive space for employees and appealing to the millennial mind.

The office space facilitates flexible working, with a wide range of working areas to choose from depending on people's mood, state of mind and practical needs. The space encourages both collaboration and teamwork, but is also suitable for tasks which require concentration or for relaxation.

The designers of this project likened the different features of the space to a journey, where every zone is a unique area to live and experience. Bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, DLG's creative space uses modern furniture and minimal lines to create the perfect balance between sobriety and sophistication and to cater for every need.

DLG's new offices are a combination of workspaces that inspire calm, art, design, reflection and creativity in an elegant and timeless space. The natural tone of the wood contrasts with the blue and coral fabric hues chosen for the upholstered pieces, making the new creative space a relaxing office with a cosy and authentic atmosphere.