Workspace of the Week - Bacardi North America Offices, Miami
Bacardi's new North American headquarters have transitioned staff from a traditional layout to a stunning open plan space which reflects their warm, lively and passionate culture.

Global spirits company Bacardi have recently worked with IA Interior Architects to design their new offices located in Miami, Florida.

As the largest privately-held, family-owned spirits company in the world, Bacardi holds a plethora of brands under its umbrella and IA were guided by the brand's rich heritage and revolutionary spirit when restacking the company's five-floor North American Headquarters.

Although created by some of the best artists of the time, much of the company's memorabilia, artwork and architectural drawings were stored and inaccessible for years. The IA team immersed itself in Bacardi's history and culture, taking inspiration from this treasure trove of artwork to incorporate features into the space design. Two Art Deco figures from a 1930's advertisement have been made into inspirational wall-size artwork. And a highly visible, custom floor-to-ceiling installation tracks the evolution of the iconic Bacardi bottle design.

Extruded from the back wall, are several black framed, lit cases featuring current products with accompanying information. And glass-faced meeting rooms each reflect one of the many Bacardi brands - Dewar's Scotch, Martini & Rossi, Grey Goose, Bombay Sapphire, St-Germaine, Angel's Envy, Aberfeldy and Facundo.

The Facundo Room has been inspired by the luxury rum collection, where tall, louvered shutters and panels line the walls, a pool table converts to a conference table and low hanging pendants and recessed lights contribute to creating a brand-inspired atmosphere.

Floor-to-ceiling photography in the bright Bombay Sapphire Room features renowned designer Thomas Heatherwick's sculptural greenhouse, used in the distillation process. Custom pendant lights mimic the brand's distinctive blue bottle, which is also incorporated into accessories in the room.

The new headquarters has transitioned staff from a traditional layout with enclosed offices and large workstations, to more efficient workstations in an open plan space, with an abundant choice of amenities, collaboration and relaxation spaces. The new space has fully encapsualted Bacardi's warm, lively, dedicated and passionate culture.