Workspace of the Week - Bentley Systems Offices, London
An exciting glimpse into the future of experiential workplace design

The Bentley Systems workplace, located on the 43rd floor of the newly built 8 Bishopsgate, is an exciting glimpse into the future of experiential workplace design. This workspace showcases a detail-driven and contemporary design that flawlessly complements the dramatic backdrop of London’s skyline.

Modus, a certified B Corp, has woven Bentley’s commitment to a sustainable future into the fabric of this space. Every design choice in Bentley Systems’ workspace echoes sustainability, from energy-efficient lighting down to net carbon-negative flooring. Materials such as Baux wood wall finishes made from recyclable materials and Interface’s carbon-negative carpet tiles, made with 75% recycled yarn, were chosen for their eco-friendly properties. Qflow tracking tools were used to minimise waste, ensuring transparency and accountability.

The workspace tells a story of seamless integration, where the experience studio and feature cocktail bar join forces to create a dynamic, multifaceted space that adapts to the changing needs of its users. A folding wall creates a sense of fluidity, where visitors are transported into an immersive experience. The 7.3-meter floor-to-ceiling LED screen and enveloping surround system studio is the heart of the space, captivating the senses and drawing visitors deeper into the world within.

Functionality blends with elegance in the versatile cocktail bar. By day, it is a hub of informal brainstorming; by night, it transforms into a setting fit for dining. Each element, from the handpicked dressing to the curated seating, is a testament to the luxury and refinement that Bentley Systems embodies. The exposed ceiling, with its bold red piping, is a nod to the rawness of engineering, a homage to the craft that Bentley so passionately represents.

This unique project looked to develop both Bentley Systems’ physical workspace and attitude to work. It is safe to say that the outcome has done just that, if not more. The space is confidently positioned to accelerate company culture and team creativity and empower individuals’ own goals.

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