Infinite Possibilities - Highlights from NeoCon 2024

NeoCon 2024 was a spectacular event, embodying its theme, ‘Design Takes Shape’, with a dazzling array of innovative designs, products, and ideas that are set to shape the future of the workplace. Reflecting the characteristic optimism of the 1920’s, Chicago’s iconic Merchandise Mart in all its art deco grandeur drew an unprecedented number of visitors, all eager to explore the latest trends and solutions in the design industry. Read our highlights below!

A Revamped Design Centre
The Spacestor Chicago Design Centre at NeoCon 2024 showcased Infinite Possibilities and the potential for our products to become a part of your design scheme. Designed to inspire, attract and personify innovation, offering a blend of creativity, functionality, and beautiful aesthetic. Visitors were welcomed into an environment that not only demonstrated Spacestor's commitment to cutting-edge design but also provided an experience like none other.

Introducing New Products and the Portals Family
The unveiling of Spacestor's newest innovations included the launch of Portals Studio and Valet in the US as well as a showcase of complete Portals family as an inter-compatible family of booths which work together to provide the workplace with various space settings for employee activities.

Portals Studio is an adaptable pod designed for single-focused tasks or small group meetings. It's inclusively designed to accommodate a wheelchair turning circle and comes as a blank canvas to be furnished for which ever use case is required. Created in collaboration with Gensler as product design consultants, our second product launched, Valet, encourages users to engage with their space through a suite of organizational tools that can be attached to the surface of our products or on other walls within the workplace.

Valet garnered significant attention, with a stunning wall display within the showroom. Attendees were impressed by its functionality and beauty as they were able to experience its heuristic, hands-on playful nature. Valet's simple design and universal form is relatable as well as easy to apply to any space within a floorplate with transformation effects.

A Buzzing Atmosphere
NeoCon has served as the world’s leading platform and most important event of the year for the commercial interior design industry since 1969. This year the Merchandise Mart was thriving with energy as architects, designers, furniture dealers and workplace professionals came together to celebrate the best in workplace and design. The buzzing environment was a testament to the event's success and the industry's enthusiasm for future-forward solutions. A gathering of the entire design community, NeoCon hosted inspiring talks, parties, workshops and countless networking opportunities, as the Merchandise Mart was the beating heart of the design industry for those three days.