Meet Portals Studio! A New Member of Our Portals Family
Accessible and hugely customizable, this meeting booth is the answer to those small meetings or private working requirements

The Portals family is a group of workplace booths, designed to provide an environment with a variety of spaces where employees can perform any task, they come into the office to do. As employees are empowered to make their own choices, it’s important that spaces are aligned to their needs and accessible for all, as quiet, enclosed pods are now not the only requirement.

Already including a range of pods for the single user to focus, have some quiet time or jump on a video call, we are excited to launch another addition to their Portals range!

In today’s workspace, the majority of large meeting rooms are often occupied by just one or two people, who simply need somewhere they can shut the door on distractions and be assured of a private meeting space.

Meet Portals Studio! This accessible and hugely customizable meeting booth is the space-efficient answer to those small meetings or private working requirements. Modular adaptability is inherent, allowing for quick adaptations of the space from single person private booths to collaborative meeting spaces. Designed with accessibility in mind, Portal Studio not only has step-free access and an accessible door width, but the roomy internal dimensions ensure it can accommodate a wheelchair turning circle.

As part of the wider Portals Family, Portals Studio sits seamlessly alongside Portals Connect, our customizable video conferencing pod and Portals Quiet, a private working pod, so users can have the choice of a variety of work settings that are designed to work together.

Available in a huge range of internal and external finishes, designers can take the Portals family andreally make their workspace their own, transforming a floorplate as the centrepiece or blending expertly into a design scheme for a bespoke millwork look. Designed to retain its modularity, the meeting space can be moved or relocated as space needs change, ensuring less material wastage and great sustainability.

Developed as a blank canvas, with no internal furniture as standard, Portals Studio is able to function to meet any need, from a collaborative scrum space or brainstorming hub to an exclusive office with storage and monitor. Accessible, customizable, and space-efficient, the possibilities are endless, as Portals Studio seeks to provide for all.