Portals Connect Is Here! A Customizable, Single-User Video Call Booth

With corporates across the globe adopting and developing their own hybrid working models, more than ever, our workplaces are hubs for collaboration, face-to-face meetings, and brand engagement. Great things do happen when people come together, however the workplace experience needs to support the range of activities that employees visit the office to complete, whilst ensuring an equal experience for those collaborating from other locations.

Hybrid meetings and video conferencing are fundamental to the way the modern workplace operates, yet few workplaces have dedicated spaces that support virtual collaboration. Meet Portals Connect, a private, single-user space, designed to enhance and optimize the video call experience!

Portals Connect gives total flexibility to the user, enabling them to personalize every element of their environment from how they appear on screen with the adjustable spotlights and bias lighting, to the ventilation and airflow. An independently adjustable deluxe desk and monitor further allows the pod to be configured to give the individual the most ergonomic video call experience, ensuring ultimate user comfort and confidence.

This new video booth sits alongside the other members of the Portals Family with no air gap needed, ensuring a joined up, seamless aesthetic as well as providing a functional range of focused spaces for every activity. Ranging from Portals Open, an open-fronted solo working space, to Portals Quiet, the private working pod, and the new Portals Huddle, this growing suite of products furnishes the workplace with ultimate user choice. With the unique ability to create a built-in look, designers can create beautiful vignettes whilst still retaining the modularity and flexibility of the products should space needs change.

Plug-and-play, with integrated power, screen and charging options, Portals Connect can be customized with a huge range of cladding and upholstery options, allowing it to blend and become part of any design scheme. Step-free access, acoustic protection and adjustable lighting supports greater accessibility and contributes towards making the workplace easier to navigate for today’s diverse workforce.

We are excited about the newest editions to our Portals family, and with more to come, please reach out if you’d like to learn more about what is possible for your space!