Four of Spacestor's Product Are Now in the CET Commercial Interior's Library
Spacestor is excited to announce that further products have landed in the Commercial Interiors Library

Spacestor is excited to announce that four of it's most popular products have landed in the Commercial Interiors (CI) Library, featured in the popular CET Programme!

A world where workspace visions seamlessly come to life, Configura is renowned globally as a premier space planning software. As the tool of choice for designers throughout the world, Configura empowers designers to meticulously plan workspaces with confidence through allowing them to access a massive library of supplemental data.

The CI Library gives users the ability to produce high-quality drawings and detailed product listings to use for quotes, design layouts, renderings, and sales documents. So, as you immerse yourself in a realm where creativity meets functionality, Spacestor's new product listings will advance your design capabilities to new heights.

“As a significant step forward in facilitating the success of the designers and architects we work with, we are thrilled to announce that some of Spacestor’s products are now featured in the CI Library,” explains Nick Stedman, VP Marketing at Spacestor. “This development is not just about showcasing our products; it's a strategic move towards providing the A&D community with a wide choice of tools and resources, whilst fostering a collaborative environment where ideas can flourish.”

Our initial new product lineup in the CI Library, consisting of Portico, Bleachers, Residence Connect and Residence Max, is just a glimpse of what's to come, and we're actively working on expanding our offerings. Please let us know which Spacestor products you would like to see next and watch as your design dreams become a reality!

Unlocking this design haven requires a CET Commercial Interiors license, granting you exclusive access to the complete CI Library available in the Marketplace on MyConfigura. Curious to learn more? Head to for all the additional information you need.

Our journey with the CET programme to transform your design experience is just beginning. Spacestor are looking forward to sharing more updates on their presence in the CET library, so join us on this creative exploration to change the future of workplace design.