Infinite Possibilities at NeoCon 2024!
Always seeking to push the workplace boundaries with solutions that inspire awe, and solve the biggest pain points, Spacestor invites you to explore the Infinite Possibilities of Modular Customization!

Today’s workplace is an important physical manifestation of an organization’s brand and it has expanded its role to become a meaningful message to clients, employees and the wider community of a company’s vision and culture. Always seeking to push the workplace boundaries with solutions that inspire awe, stimulate intrigue, and solve the biggest pain points facing teams across the globe, at this year’s NeoCon, Spacestor invites you to explore the Infinite Possibilities of Modular Customization for curating Awesome Spaces!

1. New Product Launches Our commitment to innovation is evident in the recently expanded Portals family. Designed to seamlessly integrate into any workplace, all of our Portals pods are specially designed to work seamlessly together, furnishing the workplace with a range of user workstations for any type of activity. Whether it’s focused, collaborative, or for video calls, the Portals family provides employees with the space they need to be productive and successful. Stay tuned for another exciting Portals member – being previewed at NeoCon for the first time!

2. Huge Customization & Hidden in Plain Sight: We understand that no two companies are alike. That’s why our products are highly customizable, both internally and externally. From finishes to materials, each element can be adapted to any design scheme. But what truly sets us apart is our commitment to blending in. Specialists in modular customization, with products that don’t scream ‘furniture’; but are instead designed seamlessly to become an extension of the brand, enhancing the overall workspace, whilst staying modular to ensure future flexibility. In a game of “Spot the Spacestor Product”, each piece becomes a quality, flexible and aesthetically beautiful cog in the design machine.

3. Market Intel: Insights from the Frontline Long-term engagement with successful and creative clients has given us a unique perspective. Not just furniture manufacturers; we’re consultants and workplace experts. Our extensive market knowledge as well as constant interaction in the field with global companies allows for the anticipation of trends and an understanding of the challenges faced by corporates. During NeoCon, we will be sharing our experience and industry knowledge through exclusive sessions with workplace leaders, personalized tours and insights into the development and meaning behind our products.

 4. Spacestor’s NeoCon Program We are excited to be presenting a showroom revamp, with new products introduced, reconfigurations of existing products and a new layout!

Each day, we’ll be hosting Coffee & Cakes in the morning (9am-11am) so you can kickstart your day with a delicious morning treat! Or drop by from 3pm to join the team for Happy Hour (3pm-5pm) –Drinks, nibbles and networking, the perfect opportunity to unwind and mingle.

Experience the latest from Spacestor as we present ‘Infinite Possibilities’, a guarantee from us to you, of inspiration, immersion and solution driven furniture specially designed to your needs.

NeoCon takes place from June 10-12 in The Mart, Chicago. Register your interest to visit Spacestor’s Chicago Design Centre here and stay tuned for more of what’s in store soon!