Launching Valet, Providing a Trusted Service for the Workplace

Life happens. People have stuff. A space must contain, organise, facilitate, and curate a premium experience while allowing us to be ourselves. So, how do you organize these personal possessions? As the workplace become increasingly centred around its users, the need for intuitive, playful, and highly functional spaces are crucial. With Valet, the solution is at your fingertips, offering a convenient and stress-free way to manage personal items in the workplace.

Introducing Valet - a trusted addition for your space we're excited to launch in collaboration with Gensler as Product Design Consultants. James Lawrence, Gensler’s Senior Associate and Strategy Director comments, ‘The Valet design inspiration is the everyday truism that 'life always wins,' meaning that spaces now host a multitude of needs, some planned for and many unanticipated. Valet supports this new lived work-life experience, making our environments work just that little bit smarter and better every day.’

Playful, simple, and honest, Valet’s kit of parts nature is based on a universal design language, encouraging users to engage with their space through a suite of organizational tools that allow users to easily change up their environment to best support their needs in the moment. A catalyst for learning and discovery, Valet’s intuitive but heuristic design supports problem solving, encouraging employees to transform a meeting room into an innovative workshop or enhance a negative space into a collaboration hotspot.

Functionally, Valet is a rail, designed with a simple slot system and a collection of clip-on parts to organise the space it inhabits. Not only is Valet inherently compatible with our own collection of workspace solutions, but it is attachable to a wide range of surfaces and can be used to enhance any space within your design. This versatility empowers you to transform your workspace to best suit your needs, whether it's a small corner or an entire wall.  

Valet is sleek, secure and space efficient, allowing designers to utilise static areas for maximum effect across a single floorplate. Created with a simple material make-up, the collection is not just about functionality, it's about responsibility. Valet is mindful of the planet, doing more with less, and giving workplace leaders peace of mind that they are making a sustainable choice.

Developed with a collection of parts, Valet starts with Valet Rail, a base for building a workplace assistant, with a range of features from luggage hooks, to shelving, to collaboration tools. Bringing inherent beauty to organization, Valet offers endless possibilities to enhance, contribute to,  and organize the space and the users. Offered in twelve different colours, with the option to be mix-and-matched or kept monochromatic, to blend in or transform any design intent it is included in.

Life happens. People have stuff. The workplace must be ready for an unpredictable and diverse workforce, while providing an intuitive, playful, and highly functional experience. Because life always wins, you need a Valet.